Why SharePoint 2013 Training is Essential to Succesfull Implementation

Microsoft SharePoint was initially developed to meet limited purposes such as management of content, files, and documents. Now, Microsoft has broadened the horizons of its SharePoint to serve various business purposes. SharePoint 2013 has attracted so many businesses that it became a cynosure. This scenario gave rise to the need for proper training. People need […]

A Revolutionary New Platform: SharePoint Foundation 2013

SharePoint foundation 2013 offers an inclusive solution for connected information work, which in turn allows people to change the way they perform while maintaining the benefits of compliance, existing IT investments, and structured processes. It is the ideal solution for departments and organizations looking to access web-based collaborations. Your clients will be able to use […]

SharePoint 2013: Why you need to have it.

SharePoint 2013 is the newest version of Microsoft’s document sharing web application. It’s safe to say that with this update, Microsoft really stepped up their game. This version of the application is jampacked with an incredible number of new features including mobile and cross-device readiness, improved document management systems, and most popularly, integration with the […]

Benefits of Using a Sharepoint Hosting Service

[ad#ad-1] Today, every business that wants to succeed needs a fully functioning website. Running a website can be an expensive and time consuming task which can take valuable time and resources away from the business. Because a business needs to focus on day-to-day tasks, the use of fully managed hosting services has become a popular […]

Sharepoint Designer Features

The Sharepoint Designer has a lot of great features. While we won’t discuss every one of them here, we will take a look at some of the most noteworthy below. The reusable workflow, Designer ribbon, customized out-of the-box workflows and workflow action prompts, are the ones we will look at more in-depth. 1. Reusable workflow: […]

Sharepoint Cloud Hosting Explained

Sharepoint Cloud hosting gives companies the ability to share data in real time. This makes it possible for employees to collaborate with each other and share data, content, ideas, essentially, whatever they’d like. This type of collaboration can occur between locations, departments and even time zones, which is in part, one of the reasons why […]

Sharepoint System Requirements 2010

In order to use Sharepoint and take advantage of all it has to offer, small businesses will find that there are a number of hardware, software and server requirements which must be met. Below, we will discuss a number of them. Please note, this is not a comprehensive listing but it will cover a few […]

Sharepoint Document Management

Sharepoint Document Management is among the most well-respected and reputed of all document management systems. The proper and organized management of documents is essential to the success of any business. Sharepoint is one of the better systems designed to help companies expertly manage their documents. Sharepoint gives organizations the tools to handle day-to-day operations with […]

Why SharePoint Hosting Is An Indepensible Tool

Don’t you need a better, more efficient way to keep your home office or small based business better connected?  If you answered with a resounding YES, then  SharePoint hosting is the perfect solution.  In today’s competitive market, you have a unique set of choices of SharePoint hosting services that will allow you to easily touch […]

The Unmatched Performance of SharePoint Hosting 2010

If you are looking for a web hosting plan that works as hard as you do then SharePoint hosting 2010 is exactly what you need to get the job done.  As a matter of fact, SharePoint hosting services provides you with an easy way to build a top performing team.  As you begin comparing different […]

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