Sharepoint System Requirements 2010

In order to use Sharepoint and take advantage of all it has to offer, small businesses will find that there are a number of hardware, software and server requirements which must be met. Below, we will discuss a number of them. Please note, this is not a comprehensive listing but it will cover a few of the most important.

In order to use Sharepoint 2010, it will require that an organization has 64-bit compatible hardware and Operating System. Many companies will already have this and will have thus already met this requirement. Those organizations that do not will need to update either or both. Most servers purchased in the last few years should be 64 bit compatible. Those organizations whose servers are older than that may need to invest in a newer one.

The 2010 version of Sharepoint will also require that companies own a 64-bit Windows Server (2008). A Windows Server 2008 R2 will also suffice. Companies whose machines are not compatible with the aforementioned will need to upgrade. Companies that have a Windows Server 2003 will not be able to use Sharepoint 2010.

In order to run SharePoint 2010, companies will need either a 64-bit SQL Server 2008 or 64-bit SQL Server 2005. SQL 2000 or 32 bit SQL is out. This may require that companies upgrade their database severs, the WFE and subsequent application servers. Organizations that have a Windows Server 2003 or 32 bit will not be able to exercise an in-place upgrade option and may end up having to pay more to upgrade. This will need to be a consideration when they are creating their budgets for the upcoming year.

In order to author content using Sharepoint 2010, it will be necessary for users to have Internet Explorer 7, 8 or Firefox 3.x. Internet Explorer 6 can no longer be used.

Companies that need to make upgrades so that their systems are compatible with Sharepoint 2010 will need to take a comprehensive inventory of their current hardware server and software. Afterwards they will then need to determine what is needed for the proper running of Sharepoint 2010. After comparing their current systems with what is required in order to run it, companies will know exactly what they need to do in order to make sure that their hardware, software and servers are compatible.

Sharepoint is one of the best document management systems around. It is comprehensive, robust and has proven to offer small businesses exactly what they need in order to organize and manage their documents effectively. It is important to note that the system can be difficult to use. Proper and up-to-date training is essential to getting the most out of it.

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